Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The 2006 NBA Finals were fixed!

The 2006 NBA Finals were fixed!

Is the NBA Crooked?

Some say the NBA is crooked, and if you look at the 2006 Finals, it is not hard to see why! The NBA suspended Jerry Stackhouse, a key player of the Mavericks team for a hard foul on Shaquille Oneal which was nothing more than a flagrant foul. Shaquille Oneal got away with more fouls in the Finals than anyone. He constantly pushed and held Dampere of the Mavericks with nothing called, and he has made a career out of elbowing people in the face, so it is ridiculous that the NBA suspended Jerry Stackhouse for what he did. My feeling is that the NBA wanted to make sure the Heat won game 5! Just look at the statistics in game 5! Dwayne Wade set a NBA Finals record for most free-throw attempts! He alone got as many trips to the line as the entire Mavericks team, which is ridiculous when Dirk Nowitzki was getting mobbed by Haslem!! If that isn't enough, just look at the foul called with 1.9 seconds left in overtime sending Wade once again to the free-throw line! The foul was called by the ref who was furthest away from the play! An official was directly in front of the play and did not see enough to blow the wistle, but the official who was 30 feet away blew the wistle?? That would be ok if the foul was substantial and conclusive, but there was NO CONTACT! Also, Josh Howard asked for a time-out, but officials had the power to use good logic and straighten the matter out, but refused to do so which leaving the Mavericks with no time to advance the ball. They did that for one reason, the same reason Wade got to the line with 1.9 seconds after he was not fouled on yet another play that he was out of control..... you figure it out!!!!!!

The foul disperity in the series shows one thing..... for whatever reason, the refs robbed the Mavericks! Maybe they wanted to send Mr. Cuban a message that eventhough he complains a lot about officiating, they are still in control and they proved that!

Bottom line is that anyone should be able to see that the NBA and officials had more to do with the outcome of the Finals than did the players! You cannot call fouls on the Mavericks for breathing on Wade, then let Dirk Nowitzki get raped on the other end, it is ridiculous and the only explanation for it is that officiating was biased and onesided!!!!!!

If you don't believe there is corruption going on in the NBA, then just look at last year when the league fined Jeff Vangundy a record $100,000 for telling the truth! An league official allegedly contacted Mr. Van Gundy and informed him that officials were instructed to target Yao Ming in the playoffs matchup between the Rockets and Dallas. All Mr. Van Gundy did was tell the truth, and what did he get? A $100,000 fine and a threat from commisioner David Stern! David Stern threatened to permanently ex-communicate Van Gundy from the NBA sending a message to all who contemplate making similar comments against the NBA and it's officials! WHY IN THE HELL SHOULD JEFF VANGUNDY BE TREATED THIS WAY FOR TELLING THE TRUTH? I MEAN, IF THE NBA HAS NOTHING TO HIDE, WHY DO THEY ACT SO SUSPICIOUS????????


Here is an awesome article, read it if you have time! http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=simmons/060620